10 Reasons To Get A Chromecast 3

10 Reasons To Get A Chromecast 3: From the latest updates and features to security, Google Chrome OS is becoming a must-have tool you can use for both Android and iOS users. One of your best options is Google TV, which allows streaming video content and movies from YouTube. There’s an easy way to watch this channel in more than 300 countries and regions, and all you need to do is turn it on or off with two taps.

10 Reasons To Get A Chromecast 3

If you decide to go for it, here are the top ten benefits of using Chromecast. But before that, let’s look at what the feature has to offer.

1) Connect to Wi-Fi

Chromecast works with Wi-Fi connections just like TVs and even smartphones before them. With Chromecast, you can view up to four different Android devices simultaneously and connect to other gadgets or appliances such as smartphones, tablets, etc. The last thing you would need to have is one app installed that will manage these gadgets and make sure they work smoothly in are USB Charging Cable. Another advantage is that users can easily install apps from their mobile devices or tablets.

2) Supports 2.4GHz network

Chrome is compatible with older versions of networks. As we know, they all are based on WiFi technology, and therefore the compatibility of Chromecast with old and newer networks doesn’t matter. However, if you have an older version of Wi-Fi networks, you have fewer chances of getting support on more recent versions. You can get reliable connectivity in any region, provided you have access to a Wi-Fi network provider of your choice.

3) Quick Downloader

There’s no app downloader with Chromecast, but you can find many apps that will help you stream videos and movies seamlessly. Just tap on Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus Hotstar, etc., while watching those movies or series. This can be done simply by tapping anywhere on the screen and selecting your favorite show or movie.

4) Uses Bluetooth Low Power

So, how long does it take for the device to transmit data? Well, there’s two ways it does; Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth is used when sending files wirelessly between computers, smartphones, tablets, TV sets, TVs, and smart home devices. It uses radio waves and also requires a power source to function correctly. On the other hand, Wi-Fi is used to connect to other gadgets or appliances. So, what makes Chromecast so quick to send and receive files?

5) Secure

You don’t need a password with Chromecast to stream videos.

  • You need to enable the ‘Open Screen’ option and select your show or movie
  • Then after accessing it, you will see a small lock icon on your monitor or in the notification bar Click it
  • Next, you need to enable fingerprint for authentication, click the lock and enter your email address or phone number.
  • After entering, click Open Screen and select your show or movie.
  • Lastly, tap the menu on the bottom right of the screen, go back to settings, enable the default screen to unlock.

Your Chromecast will now be ready to broadcast. In emergencies, you can remotely shut down your Chromecast without unlocking it.

6) Accessible for Everyone

You don’t have to pay an extra $70 monthly subscription fee to watch YouTube, Netflix, HBO Now on Chromecast. Select your account on the screen and choose YouTube, Netflix, HBO Now in the list. If the service is unavailable in some country, you can open the respective web browser and find the solution. Again, you don’t need a password to play games or online movies on Chromecast.

7) Privacy Friendly

The privacy policy of ChromeOS is excellent that doesn’t force people to share personal information for advertising purposes. All you do is change the video player on your television and enjoy every episode in no time, and most streaming services of Youtube, Netflix, HBO Now are available on Chromebooks too.

8) View Multiple Devices

You can view multiple devices simultaneously with Chromecast. For example, you can quickly launch several applications simultaneously on your smartphone or any other device, such as music and news apps. Also, Chromecast can play audio files directly on the fly for a better experience than listening to music on headphones. To understand your Chromecast settings, you can use the Help Assistant on Google Assistant or the Settings app of Chrome OS.

9) Easy Installation

You can install Chromecast automatically by clicking on the screen link and choosing Settings. In the next window, visit system settings and tap Add New Device. Once there on, you will see a list of supported devices. Choose yours.

10) Cost Effective

Google offers free upgrades for new Pixel 6S owners through its warranty program in early 2021. Similarly, customers can avail of a one-year upgrade price of $700 on their existing Verizon 5G Smartphone. All this comes at zero upfront cost, so customers save money over the next year. A one-year warranty lasts two years, and once the warranty period has ended, the value of your contract is covered by the insurance. No additional charges can be incurred during the warranty period.


If you prefer to watch content on your television instead of searching for videos, try Chromecast. Google offers the highest quality and smooth playback possible. You can even buy Chromecast and start enjoying your favourite shows within minutes. All you need is to plug Chromecast into an eligible household appliance, like a TV set, headphones, or speakers, and enjoy the same excellent video streaming experience as you’re used to.

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