How to Turn off Power Reserve on Apple Watch

How to Turn off Power Reserve on Apple Watch: Apple Watch has always been known for its excellent battery life. This allows you to extend the time you spend using your Apple Watch without worrying about running out of juice. Power Reserve, this new feature of the Apple Watch, came in Series 4.

Power Reserve mode on Apple Watches is the same as Power Saving modes on mobile or laptops.

What Is Apple Watch Power Reserve Mode?

A power reserve feature allows users to save battery life. This feature is helpful if you’re going to be out of cell phone range or if you plan to go into a place where you’ll be without access to a charger. You can disable the watch face and other features in these situations and only show the time. However, this feature comes in handy when you need to conserve battery life while away from a charger.

How to Turn off Power Reserve on Apple Watch

Some users face issues with using Power Reserve Mode that they cannot turn off this feature. Follow these steps if you want to disable Power Reserve on your Apple Watch.

  • Pressing the side button and hold it, the watch will vibrate, and this feature will be turned off
  • Then press and hold the side button again until the display goes blank
  • Press the side button once more to return to regular operation
  • For 10 seconds, hold down the side button while watching the screen
  • Then release it and wait for the watch to start up again
  • It is best to do this with a fully charged battery.

How to Turn on Power Reserve Mode

To turn on Power Reserve mode,

  • Tap the Apple Watch’s bottom and swipe up
  • To see the charge level of the battery, Swipe up
  • If your battery gets down low, you’ll be asked if you’d like to enter Power Reserve mode by tapping the button below the time
  • Tap Proceed to enter Power Reserve mode, or tap Cancel to exit
  • The watch automatically enters power reserve mode when the battery reaches 10%.

Is Power Reserve the Same Thing as Low Power Mode?

Turning off Low Power Mode or turning on Power Reserve doesn’t accomplish anything. Both modes reduce the functionality of your device.

How to check battery life on Apple Watch

When your battery gets low, you can check out the battery percentage by swiping up or tapping on the screen. You can also use the Apple Watch’s low-power mode by dragging down the battery percentage. Some watch faces let you add a Battery Complication. You can easily see the battery percentage of your Apple Watch while it’s charging in Nightstand mode. Just tap the green charging icon to get the information.


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How long does Apple Watch battery last?

There is a 36-hour charge cycle for the Apple Watch.

Is Power Reserve the Same Thing as Low Power Mode?

Low power mode and power reserve are the same things. You can turn off your phone’s features when you want to save battery or know you won’t need them. On the Apple Watch, you can do the same thing using the watch face complication called “Power Reserve.”

Does always-on screen make a difference to battery life?

The new sleep tracking features, according to Apple, can extend battery life by up to 18 hours. It is necessary to charge your phone more frequently if you use those features.

How long does the Apple Watch take to charge?

Apple Watch charges quickly thanks to its magnetic charging cable. The Series 6 gets 80% charged in about an hour and a half. The Series SE takes longer because it needs more time to charge fully. The Series 7 gets 80% charged in 45 minutes, but to get this speed requires a new charging plate.

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