Dead Pixels vs Stuck Pixels

Dead Pixels vs Stuck Pixels: Finding a dead or stuck pixel on your monitor, laptop screen, or mobile is annoying. Especially if you just spent a considerable amount of money on a brand new one. In this article, I will explain three different types of pixel defects. What the differences are. A dead pixel on a TN panel is not the same as a dead pixel on an IPS panel, it is like the opposite cause. So, it’s good to know what’s going on at the pixel level.

Dead Pixels Vs Stuck Pixels

As mentioned above, there are different types of pixels defects, I will tell you a couple of ways to check and fix dead and stuck pixels.

What Does A Dead Pixel Look Like?

It is pretty easy to understand. It’s just a pixel that is dead. It shows no light. No matter what it’s supposed to be if it’s red, green, and blue? It is just black now.

What Does A Dead Pixel Look Like

What Is A Hot Pixel?

As compare to the dead pixel, hot pixel is the exact opposite. It’s all white, so all three red, green, blue sub pixels are always on, so at a distance, it looks like it’s just a white pixel no matter what it’s supposed to.

What Is A Hot Pixel

What Does A Stuck Pixel Look Like?

The third type is a stuck pixel where one or possibly two subpixels, red and green or blue, are always stuck on. So, even if the monitor is supposed to be showing black, it will still have the green, blue or red always on. So it’s going to be shining that color pixel always.

What Does A Stuck Pixel Look Like

What Causes Dead Pixels?

Dead pixels are a very common problem for all kind of screens and can be caused by various reasons. The most common cause is that the pixel was never alive in the first place. This can happen if there is some dust or dirt on the screen or the screen isn’t correctly assembled at the factory.

Some screens have a higher risk of having dead pixels than others. For example, an LCD screen has a higher risk than an LED screen because LCD screens use liquid crystals to control light and color. The liquid crystals can become damaged and lose their ability to display light and color correction, which causes dead pixels on an LCD screen.

How To Prevent Dead Pixels And Stuck From Occurring

It is often the pixels that are the culprit. The monitor will show a bright or dark spot on the screen, or even lines of bright and dark pixels. This is because of stuck or dead pixels.

The best way to prevent these issues from happening in the future is to make sure that your monitor screen doesn’t get damaged in the first place. But if you do end up with broken pixels, there are some things that you can do to fix them.

High voltage, electricity fluctuation and humidity are also major cause of dead and stuck pixels. Therefore, you also be aware of these issues and take proper action before getting into propblem.

Steps How To Fix Dead Pixels On Laptop or Monitor

So, if you have a stuck or dead pixel on your screen. The question is that from where should you start? Dead pixels are a very common issue with LCD or LED screens. They can be fixed in a few steps.

  1. The first step is to identify the dead pixel using a magnifying glass.
  2. The second step is to clean the screen with a microfiber cloth and alcohol to remove any dust or dirt.
  3. The third step is to use an app that specifically targets dead pixels

Tool To Diagnose Dead Pixels and Online Tool Fix Dead Pixels On Laptop or Monitor

  • Windows Pixels Checker
  • Jscreenfix Pixel Repair (web)
  • Dead Dixel Checker (Microsoft store
  • Dead Pixel Buddy
  • Dead Pixel Tester

How To Fix Dead Pixels On TV

A pixel is a small dot of light on a screen. It is not visible to the naked eye and only appears when it is illuminated by the screen.

How To Fix Dead Pixels On TV and Dead Pixels vs Stuck Pixels

The best way to fix pixels on your TV is with a TV repair shop. If you can’t afford to take your TV in for repairs, then the next best option is to use a cloth and wipe away any dust or debris that may have accumulated on the screen.

If you have tried all these options and still don’t see any improvement, you may need to replace your TV’s screen.

Tool To Diagnose Dead Pixels: How To Fix Dead Pixels On Android Phone?

  • Android Pixel checkers
  • Dead Pixels Test and Fix 4.2
  • Touchscreen Repair 4.6
  • Screen Check – Dead Pixels Test 4.5


If you cannot fix it at home, You may need to contact the manufacturer of your screen for help with this issue. We hope, you found our article about “Dead Pixels vs Stuck Pixels” helpful. Comment, if you have any suggestion.

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How to fix a line of dead pixels on TV?

The best way to clear up these unwanted pixels is by using a TV-cleaning solution, which you can find in your local hardware store. You will need to mix two parts vinegar with one part water and then use the solution on your TV.

How many dead pixels is acceptable?

Dead pixels are an inevitable part of your monitor. Losing these pixels might seem like it’s not a big deal, but they can sometimes make your computer unusable.

What causes dead pixels on phone?

Dead pixels on a phone are the result of a broken LCD. The cause can vary from an accident to a manufacturing defect, and depending on where the fault lies, there are several ways to fix it.

How to fix a line of dead pixels on TV?

You can fix line of dead pixels on TV by soft punching at the bottom plastic edge of the TV

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