How to Connect 3 Projectors to One Computer

How to Connect 3 Projectors to One Computer and how many times have you tried to do this to realize that it was impossible? If you’ve ever had this problem, then you know how frustrating it can be.

Projectors are becoming more affordable and easier to use. They offer great benefits such as high-resolution images, color correction, and even 3D capabilities. Unfortunately, they don’t always play nice together.

What is a Projector?

A projector is a device that projects images onto a surface such as a wall or a screen. Projectors are often used in homes and businesses to display information or entertainment content. Projectors may also be used in classrooms, conference rooms, and other locations.

A modern projector offers great color quality, and it is only magical to watch your favorite movies on a 100-inch screen. However, you need to spend more exponentially to get an even tighter TV. You also need to take your projector to a friend’s place, or a public event in your car. You have to carry a huge TV with you, but you have a truck.

We also see projectors for indoor events, parties, and photography shared by families. You come home from a holiday and have all these amazing pictures on your camera. Invite your friends and family to enjoy a great time together. You can do this using a TV, but even basic projectors can hold up to 100+cm screens. A projector is far more convenient than a giant TV. If you have an event in a local church or city hall, you can bring along the projector.

Stepbystep Guide on How to Connect 3 Projectors to One Computer

Connecting multiple projectors to one computer can be tricky. There are several ways to achieve this goal. The easiest way is to use a projector splitter. This device allows you “How to connect two Projectors to one Laptop or Computer”.

Examine the Video Output Port of Laptop or PC

The output quality should be the same whether you use two projectors or one projector. You can check your laptop’s video output port by looking at the back of the computer. There should be an opening for a VGA cable.

Most standard laptops have an HDMI port. You need to check if there are any other video output ports available. Otherwise, you’ll have to use a VGA cable.

Check the Projector Input Port

Most projectors have an input port that accepts video signals via VGA or HDMI. A few projectors have a Display Port input port.

projector input ports

Buy a VGA or HDMI Splitter

Let’s assume you have the inputs and outputs of both your laptop and projector. You need to buy an HDMI splitter with a single HDMI output and two HDMI input ports. The cable length, however, must be measured in advance.

how to connect two projectors to one computer
Buy HDMI Splitter

But what if your laptop has a VGA port but an HDMI or DVI port? Again, you do not have to worry. It helps if you consider buying a VGA to HDMI or DVI adapter, whatever the case may be.

A VGA splitter is an adapter that allows you to connect your computer to two different video sources (projector or TV) using the same cable.

how to connect two projectors to one laptop
Buy VGA Splitter

The most important thing to know, the right length of cable depends on how far apart the laptop and projector are. If you’re using an older model laptop, you may need to check the specifications before buying a longer cable.

You need an HDMI cable (with a mini-HDMI connector) to connect your projector to your laptop.

Connect the Laptop to the Projector

Now you have to connect the laptop with the projector.

  • First, make sure that the projector and the laptop are switched off.
  • Then, click the side cable on the laptop to the output port.
  • Then connect the cables on the adapter side of one of the projectors to the input port and the other to the other.

Make sure the cables are placed correctly, and that nothing happens. Once you are done, and the setup is complete, it is time to go ahead.

Switch on both Devices

You only need to power both devices until booting. Then you can configure the display output settings.

Configure your Laptop or PC

Pressing the button that allows your computer to display on an external viewing device. This is usually a blue button with an image of a monitor. You can connect your laptop to any projector or TV using this method.

To configure your laptop, press the button to view external displays. Type “display” into the search bar. You’ll be able to adjust the resolution, split the image, extend it, or do whatever you want.

How to Solve Common Projector Problem Display?

Projector issues are very common when using a single laptop as a projector. You should know how to fix them before they happen.

Pressing the Windows key + P displays the picture on two or more projectors. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the options. Press enter to select the desired option.


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