Complete Guide About LCD Screen Cleaner

LCD Screen Cleaner is a gentle and effective way of cleaning your phone’s screen. It helps to remove smudges on the screen without scratching it or leaving any marks behind. They are also safe for use on sensitive screens like OLED screens, usually scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof. Cleaning of LCD is not difficult as compared to the cleaning of a computer keyboard.

What is an LCD Screen, and Why Does it Need to be Cleaned?

An LCD screen is a thin, flat panel display installed on the front of computers, laptops and other devices. The term “Liquid Crystal Display” refers to how individual pixels are made up of liquid crystals sealed inside each cell.

LCD screens need to be frequently cleaned with a specialized solution because they are easily scratched and smudged by dust and grime. Regular cleaning with a dry Microfiber cloth is more likely to cause scratches than using a solution that contains alcohol or ammonia.

Liquid Screen Cleaners vs. Gel Cleansers: The Different Types of LCD Screen Cleaning Solutions Explained

A liquid cleaner makes the cleaning of an LCD screen more complicated. On the other hand, a gel cleanser allows for much easier cleaning.

Many people choose to use liquid cleaners because they are less expensive than gel cleaners. However, many people have noticed that liquid cleaners might cause damage to the screen over time.

What are the Best Ways to Remove Streaks from Your Laptop or Tablet’s LCD Screens?

There are many ways to remove streaks on the LCD screens of laptops and tablets. These methods range from a simple towel to using a hairdryer or stuffed with rice.

The following are some of the best methods for removing laptop or tablet streaks:

  • Using a damp cloth is one of the most common ways for removing small streaks
  • Using toothpaste is an effective way for large streaks
  • A hairdryer can be used to remove small streaks
  • Rice can be put in an envelope and then placed inside your laptop or tablet screen

How to Prevent Laptop Screen Streaks?

There are different ways to prevent laptop screen streaks. You can use a dry cloth, glass cleaner, and a dry microfiber cloth. You can also wipe your laptop’s display with a soft dry cloth or paper towel after using it on the screen.

Laptop screen streaks can develop due to age, use of harsh chemicals and liquids, or using non-stick cooking sprays on your keyboard. To prevent the streaks from forming in the first place, you should make sure that you are not spraying any liquids on your keyboard and always ensure that you close your laptop’s lid when done working.

Cautions while using LCD Screen Cleaners

LCD screens are expensive to replace, and this is why we need to take care of them. However, LCD screen cleaners break the glass on your screen. So using an LCD screen cleaner is not recommended for people who have children or pets in their homes.

LCD cleaners are available in various shapes and sizes that make it easy for you to clean your computer screens and monitors without worrying about the safety of your family members or pets.

How to Remove Lint on a TV Screen 

Cleaning a TV screen can be difficult and tedious. The most important things to remember are not to use liquid or wet solutions and make sure you have a soft microfiber cloth on hand.


  1. Turn off the TV and unplug it from the power.
  2. Use a lint free towel to wipe all surfaces with light pressure, particularly the edges of the screen and around any vents, slots, or openings near the screen.
  3. If there is still lint stuck on your screen, use your thumb or fingernail to rub it off.
  4. Turn on your TV again and plug it back into the power source before watching any programs!

2 Ways To Avoid The Disasters of Getting a Scratch On Your TV Screen 

It is essential to maintain your TV screen from being scratched. Here are some steps to avoid scratches on your TV screen for good.

1. If you cannot afford a new TV, consider investing in a TV stand that will protect the screen from dust, dirt, and other elements. This will make it less likely for the surface of the television to get scratched in case something falls on top of it or if your child knocks into it while playing.

2. To keep your television away from toddlers and children who would scratch up your tv while they play, you can invest in a baby gate that can be used around TVs or furniture to create boundaries where kids can’t cross over them and reach the television sets or couches


It is essential to avoid scratches on TVs with proper care and maintenance, but sometimes it isn’t easy to do. Sometimes we’re just too busy or forgetful to put in the extra effort, which leaves us trying to pick up pieces of our broken screens with tweezers and sticky tape. Comment below if you find this guide helpful. 

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What is in LCD screen cleaner?

LCD cleaners come in different shapes and sizes so they can easily fit in different sized devices, from iPhones to Samsung. LCD cleaners are convenient as they aren’t messy and can be put in any pocket or bag easily.

How to clean LCD screen?

Using a microfiber cloth with a light liquid.

What can you clean a LCD Screen with?

Using a piece of wet tissue paper and microfiber cloth. There are some other special liquids in the market.

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